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Consulting Wizards: How to Win the Hearts of Clients

Consulting Wizards: How to Win the Hearts of Clients

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Client Magnet: The Art and Science of Winning Consulting Engagements


What this research briefing gives you and your team

Insights into Client Decision-Making: Discover the key factors that influence how clients choose consultants. Gain a deep understanding of their decision-making processes, including the psychological, emotional, and rational aspects that drive their choices.

Competitive Differentiation: Learn how to differentiate yourself from other consultants in the eyes of the client. Explore evidence-based strategies to showcase your unique value proposition, expertise, and track record effectively.

Building Trust and Credibility: Understand the essential elements that contribute to building trust with clients. Discover research-backed techniques to establish credibility, create strong client relationships, and inspire confidence in your consulting capabilities.

Tailored Client Engagement Approach: Develop a client-centric approach to consulting engagements. Learn how to align your services, communication style, and delivery methods with clients' specific needs, preferences, and decision-making criteria.

"Be personal, be relevant, be specific" - Seth Godin


What do you get?

Here are some of the key benefits that this research briefing will provide:

Insight into the client decision making process: Understanding how clients evaluate and choose consultants will help consultants better position themselves to win new clients. They can focus on the factors that most influence clients.

Tailor your marketing and sales approaches: Knowing what clients are looking for, and the reasons why they hire consultants can help consultants refine their marketing messages and sales tactics to address these needs and appeal to clients.

Identify new service opportunities: Seeing the top consulting services utilised can highlight new service areas that consultants may want to develop to tap into demand.

Improve proposal development: Understanding the evaluation factors and processes that clients use can help consultants develop more compelling and tailored proposals that speak to these key criteria.

Build credibility and trust: Gaining insight into how consultants can establish influence and gain credibility with clients as outsiders can help them navigate client relationships and deliver impactful results. This can build trust and loyalty.

Manage client relationships: Learning some of the common conflict points that arise for consultants and their clients can help the consultants avoid or better handle such challenges, leading to healthier long-term client relationships.

Stay ahead of trends: Tracking how the factors clients consider and the reasons for hiring consultants are changing over time helps consultants stay up-to-date with best practices and ahead of trends in the consultancy industry. They can evolve their business to keep meeting client needs.

Improve differentiation: Understanding the typical procedures and factors that the majority of clients use to assess and choose consultants helps consultants determine opportunities to differentiate their own firm. They can highlight unique strengths.

So in summary, this research briefing provides valuable insight and guidance for consultants to improve how they market, sell, and deliver services to their clients. The benefits span winning new clients, maintaining strong long-term relationships, identifying new opportunities, building credibility, and staying differentiated.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel P.

Really helped up my game. This briefing was so easy to read and understand, with all the research that is out there right now put in this one briefing. It opened up my eyes and has really helped drive the number of clients I have. I was looking for proven effective ways of increasing my clientele and I got it! Thank you to the Oxford Review!

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