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Pivot to Prosperity: The Art and Science of Business Transformation

Pivot to Prosperity: The Art and Science of Business Transformation

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What this research briefing gives you and your team

Research-Backed Insights: Discover the latest research findings on successful business pivots and their practical implications. Stay ahead of the curve with evidence-based strategies that guide you through the complexities of change and transformation.

Navigating Disruption: Learn how to effectively navigate industry disruptions and capitalise on emerging trends. Gain insights into identifying opportunities, managing risks, and staying ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Agile Decision-Making: Develop the skills and mindset needed for agile decision-making. Learn how to gather and analyse data, adapt your strategies, and make informed choices in a dynamic environment.

Building Resilience: Discover strategies to build resilience within your business. Learn how to foster a culture of innovation, adaptability, and continuous learning that allows your organisation to thrive amidst uncertainty and change.

Effective Resource Allocation: Gain insights into optimizing your resources during a pivot. Learn how to allocate your time, budget, and talent effectively to support successful transformation and maximise results.

Implementation Roadmap: Benefit from a practical roadmap for implementing successful pivots. The report provides guidance, best practices, and real-world examples to help you navigate the pivot process smoothly.

"All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation" - Max McKeown

What do you get?

Here are some of the key benefits of our research briefing on how businesses can pivot successfully:

  • It provides an evidence-based framework for how to pivot strategically. By drawing on research studies of successful business pivots, it offers a proven model to follow.
  • It helps address common challenges with strategic planning and overcoming institutional inertia. The research can highlight how other businesses have navigated these issues.
  • It shows how to build an organisational capacity for adaptability and innovation. The research can identify key attributes, tools, and processes that enable an adaptive and innovative mindset.
  • It highlights the human factors that drive a successful pivot. The research can point to the leadership qualities, skills, and behaviours that facilitate change management and cultural transformation.
  • It identifies the key contributors to pivot success. The research can isolate critical success factors, whether they are vision, empowerment, experimentation, customer-centricity, or other factors.
  • It shows how to enhance organisational resilience. By looking at how businesses have pivoted in response to internal or external disruptions, the research provides insights into building flexibility and resilience.
  • It may yield fresh insights and ideas. Exposure to new research and case studies can stimulate new thinking about innovative strategies, products, services, business models, and organisational designs.
  • It builds executive confidence in the pivot strategy. By grounding the strategy in research and proven practices, it gives decision makers more assurance that the pivot will succeed.
  • It strengthens the business case for a pivot. The research evidence can help justify why a pivot is needed and support proposals for investment in new growth initiatives.

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