Collection: DEI Impact Series

The three areas of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are crucial for organisations to thrive in today's rapidly moving markets and society. Having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture brings a wider range of knowledge, perspectives and solutions that can lead better outcomes for organisations and their customers/clients. Having a more diverse outlook allows organisations to understand and serve a more diverse customer base more effectively.

Promoting equity means ensuring everyone has access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed regardless of their demographic. The equity mindset means that organisations are thinking about their market and clients from a needs basis as well. This not only makes organisations fairer and helps retain talent but gets people in the organisation thinking about the unquestionably needs of the customer base making segmentation more powerful.

There is also a moral argument that people should be judged on their abilities and not characteristics they cannot change. Exclusion and discrimination have no place in a modern, enlightened workplace.

Effective DEI policies, thinking and behaviour are an organisational and business continuity and development issue and not simply a politically correct awareness issue.

These DEI packs will help you and the organisation(s) and people you help as a DEI professional and advocate navigate this increasingly complex arena and make solid research and evidence-based interventions and decisions.